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Bartley Residence – Curtains, Blinds & Frosted (4th unit project)

Bartley Residence – Curtains, Blinds & Frosted (4th unit project)

Successful work in installed Curtains and Blinds Frosted project 4th unit in @ Bartley Residence for a Dual Key Unit

It consist 2 separate units of one bedroom and three bedrooms unit within a major door access, that’s what makes it called a Dual Key Unit. Need a Curtains and Blinds Frosted project 4th unit in good quality to increase the place.

Curtains and blinds were installed successfully, satisfying our customer needs.

We have uploaded the picture gallery below for you to view our portfolio.

One Bedroom Unit 


Living Room



Three Bedrooms Unit 


Living Area


Master Bed Room


Daughter’s Room


Common Bedroom

20151223_115812 20151223_115754

Frosted Film for the door to the kitchen and the blinds for the toilet.

If you are looking the picture on the top, we can see our work in Bartley Residence that are bedroom, living room, master bed room, daughter’s bed room, and common room like toilet. For the curtains, they have same color and pattern with simple design but looks wonderful.

The colors and texture of the materials are clearer while viewing in the video. Thus, do watch our uploaded video for a clearer idea of how it actually look in reality.

After we watch the video on the top, we could look 2 curtains with the same color that is dark tan but in different room and for the km, it see really not far away from the first one or we can said that the second is beside room from the first room.

At the second video, based on the video you will see 3 curtains and 3 more blinds that are located in different place or rooms because of that we got 41 second to take it and the result in interesting because we gave the best from our product that been installed in Bartley Residence.

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