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Bartley Residence – Curtains & Blinds (3rd Unit Project)

Bartley Residence – Curtains & Blinds (3rd Unit Project)

Installation completed some time ago, pardon us for the long break and here we are now showing our completed work Curtains and blinds 3rd Unit Project in Bartley Residence.

We are furnished with day and night curtains in the living and bedroom area while roller blinds are installed in the washroom area.

3 Bedroom Condo Unit (colors showing on pictures is not as accurate as videos, kindly scroll to the bottom to view our video too)

Take a picture living room look from left to right

Living Room Area (1)    Living Room Area in the other side of the view

We take photos in two ways because we think in two ways makes easier to analyze for the position. The position is effecting a lot of the display for everything that we installed in a one place.

The 3 Bedrooms – choosing beige color dim fabrics.

DAy & night Curtains for the bedroom (2)       DAy & night Curtains for the bedroom (3)     DAy & night Curtains for the bedroom (1)

Roller blinds installed in the washroom, easy maintenance and providing good privacy. For the color and motif, the customer wants drape with a same color and with the same pattern but in different rooms.

Toilet furnished with roller blinds (2)     Toilet furnished with roller blinds (1)

We installed curtains and blinds in bathroom, bedroom, living room in Bartley Residence. We provide also a short video for you if you want get live for our work.

Watch our video now for clearer views for the completed work here!

For the video we could see Curtains and blinds 3rd Unit Project  that there are 5 curtains that we installed and 2 roller blinds. For the description about the color that is for the curtains, having 2 color that are blue dark and one more pink and for the blinds is white. We did all not so long because we did it with our team that are already experienced to installed curtains and blinds for home, office and others place. So we say that we didn’t waste our time so long because we do that do give satisfaction from our every customer so they will

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