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Bartley Residence – Curtain & Blackout Film (4th unit)

Bartley Residence – Curtain & Blackout Film (4th unit)

If you did follow on our posting, you would probably know we have done several units in Bartley Residence and there are more coming up. And a lot that product that are from Mtm Curtains because we trust the company, and the next project is for 2+1 Unit to input Curtain and Blackout Film.

Today we are showing our 4th unit @ Bartley Residence for a 2+1 Unit.

Living Area

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Bedrooms with Day & Night Curtains (3)

Common Bedrooms

Bedrooms with Day & Night Curtains (1)   Bedrooms with Day & Night Curtains (2)

Master and Common Washrooms installed the curtains for blocking of sunlight and privacy. For the color, they have choose the same color that is brown light with a simple design but actually it was a great design and perfect in choosing the color because it match to the floor.

Black Frosted Film for the washrooms (1)

For the bathroom, we installed Blackout Film. This is specially ordered by the customer as they would prefer not to have roller blinds in the washrooms.

Black Frosted Film for the washrooms (2)

Frosted film was selected to be installed in the Kitchen as the window view can be easily seen by nearby neighbors while customer prefers to have absolute privacy.

White Frosted Film for the Kitchen

Kindly watch our video below for a clear view of the work.

If you are thinking like how could I get some things that need for my window and trying to searching by direct to the store and for online but finally you wouldn’t get it as what you want, don’t worry or be stress because of that problems. As we can see from this project in Bartley Residence that we installed special Curtain and Blackout Film for common rooms.

MTM Curtains is the best ways to answer it because we provide curtain, blinds, film and others as a customer want.

We are proud to accomplish and fulfill what our customer desire is to furnish their home, at Singapore MTM Curtains, we fabricate to your needs!