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Concourse Skyline Condo – Curtains and Blinds

Concourse Skyline Condo – Curtains and Blinds

Singapore MTM Curtains did a unit at Concourse Skyline and we are amazed at the condo’s beauty.

Concourse Skyline is a Condo project by a developer, Hong Fok Corporations and it is an award winning condo of its design by an Australia architecture. See this link if you are keen to read more about Concourse Skyline Informations.

We did the curtains and blinds for a unit and we are fortunate to display our products and services to our customer here at Concourse Skyline.

Here are some of the pictures taken after installations:

Concourse skyline - Dim Out Curtains (1)

Concourse skyline - Dim Out Curtains (2)

Concourse skyline - Roller Blinds

FACTS# PVC Roller blinds work best even in the washroom as the PVC material is waterproof and there is no need to be afraid of leaking your privacy with the PVC block-out materials we have! Even the waterproof materials help to solve your problems, giving it a neat look. Gold curtains match with the wall so it’s look elegant and for the size is not to big or to small because we give like the customer wants

Cheerios to Roller Blinds.

We offer the best quality at our best price and we are happy to share our completion photos with achievements each time.

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