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Bedok Garden Hill – Rainbow Blinds

Bedok Garden Hill – Rainbow Blinds

Rainbow Blinds also commonly called as Combi blinds / Combi Shades etc., was installed at one of our customer place on Bedok Garden Hill HDB Flat. These kinds of things are really different from the other blinds that we can see anywhere likes in store, online because this Combi blinds has been made by a high technology and there are kinds of color collection that we prepare for you so you could choose what color do you want for your home, office and other place.

Picture showing below:

Bedok Garden Hill - Rainbow Blinds (1)     Bedok Garden Hill - Rainbow Blinds (3)


Bedok Garden Hill - Rainbow Blinds (2)

There are actually a lot of different designs, comes in different colors too! However, the customer chose this thicker horizontal bold lines for their home. Whatever names they are being named after, we know what you are looking for! This is the latest blinds design that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – controlling minimum and maximum sunlight that comes in, giving light into your home yet not being too boring and dull.

As we can from the picture, the blinds that we installed are really beautiful and having simple technology so anyone who will use can operate the blinds. Why the rainbow blinds look beautiful? The answer is in the below

The reason is:

– It fits to the window

– The color of the blinds that the customer choose is perfectly correct

– The position of the blinds is correct so it looks good

– Choosing rainbow blinds from MTM Curtains is the best decision because all of our products offer the best quality

We hope to provide more of the rainbow blinds pictures to you guys soon!

Do you ever feel unsatisfied because of the work of the some company service for your house? With us, this things won’t happen to you or your window because every curtains and blinds that we installed is a high quality with an expert and experience people to satisfy you needs.

Thanks for choosing us, Singapore MTM Curtains.

We fabricate to your needs!