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Martin’s Apartment- Sheer Curtains & Austria Blinds

Martin’s Apartment- Sheer Curtains & Austria Blinds

Martin’s place residences is a condo apartment and we are happy to be a part of several units there. One of the customer’s request special Austrian blinds which also can be called as scallop blinds. However, Austrian blinds is not exactly scallop shape like scallop blind does. We are surprised at this customer’s request as this is the first time we encounter someone who specially specific something they want.

Read more about the apartment here should you be keen in this beautiful place – Martin’s PlaceĀ 

Anyways, we did what is expected and we are so elated that customer are satisfied with us!

Here are some of the pictures here to show you.. Mixture of day curtains as Austrian blinds with timber Venetian blinds, living room only wanted to do normal day curtains:

Martin Place - Sheer Curtains (1)Martin Place - Sheer Curtains (2)

Astria Blinds (4)Astria Blinds (2)

We will continue to keep up the good work and always we are very confident with our sewer and installer that is part of MTM Curtains’s family, bringing surprise and good work overtime always.

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