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Apartment @ Everton – Roller Blinds

Apartment @ Everton – Roller Blinds

Roller blinds is installed for this job, simplicity is the best choice.

Did up this job at everton road, it is a kind of apartment with sort of commerical- like building with all residential homes insides.

A very beautiful and big home apartment i would say and we are happy here to help one of the owners to furnish the room with our popular choice of roller blinds.

Greyish tone will never go out dated and the best thing is that they are known to withstand dirt. Therefore, this colour is chosen to remain as classy and romantic for the bedroom.

Now, we are glad we installed the roller blinds for this customer and aid privacy and blacking of shades.

Kudos! Singapore MTM Curtains, we made to measure satisfying the needs of every customers.

Thank you!