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Singapore wants sleep? needs Soundproofing curtains

In Singapore, the bustling well known Lion City is filled with Skyscrapers high rise buildings everywhere. People are usually working in a high and fast paced standards of living which also means that we, as Singaporean requires an adequate of sleep. However, at late night of 11 pm or even midnight to 2 am the streets will still never be quieter. Therefore, in curiosity, I wonder how does all of you ensure having an adequate of rest and sleep at nights?

When being asked, a solution to improve and helps the sleepless night that were affected from noises or to improve your way of privacy be it at home or in the office is to fabricate Soundproof Curtains. In order to block out the noises that comes from your neighbors or the streets with cars passing-by so often. However, do you know that Soundproof Curtains Singapore is never 100% soundproofing?

Soundproofing curtains

Are made of thick clumped fabrics which synthetic resins that are also called as Vinyls, is being compressed and dense into a certain standard of thickness to block off the sound effects. Dense foam is very widely known to absorb sounds. Nonetheless, it only aids to block off restricted frequency of sounds that could reduce minimal noises as compared to without the Soundproofing.

Soundproofing materials

Normally are seen thicker and bulkier thus they are also very heavy in weight, which fabricate a Soundproofing Curtains could be costly with reference to a good Soundproof material plus better drape. Rod and Runners to support the heavy weight, that already briefly explain in summary – Expensive yet in Good Quality.

Sound Insulation

The better and cost-savings way is to fabricate Blackout drape or any other fabrics as long as it comes with Sound Insulation because the easiest way to reduce noise is simple – block off the paths that a sound wave is travelling! Drape Materials that come with Sound Insulation effectively helps to block off certain amount of Sound as the materials is fabricated to be. Heat Insulation is also a kind of good specifications to reduce a low amount of noise as it generally improve soundproofing, of course, it will never be as effective as compared to normal Sound Insulation materials that were designed as specifically.

Sound insulation fabrics

Singapore MTM Curtains do provide some of the designed materials that contain that specifications in Sound Insulation and we believe it will be a great solution for  you if Soundproofing is important to you.