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There are several office blinds to choose from and based on our past experiences, usually new companies will request their design and build company to coordinate and install their office blinds for them thus they ain’t the one who make choices on what blinds they want and expected. As for old offices, they are often quite blunt and straight forward by requesting us to fabricate the similar blinds as the previous ones that they have been using for years.. thinking that it is durable and fuss-free.

Let us tell you now, it is not exactly what you think!

First and foremost, understand more on different kinds of blinds available in the Singapore market. The durability is based on certain criteria such as the usage and weather conditions as well as the system. We can offer you a better system from manual to motorized system however understanding the usage and weather conditions plays also a big part thus this is what you might want to filter into your considerations. It is best for the professionals like us, Singapore MTM Curtains to meet up and discuss on the needs of your company.

Well, Common and ideal office blinds are timber blinds, vertical blinds and lastly but not limited to, roller blinds which matches almost all offices and commercial building as what we are talking about it today. For instance, Roller Blinds gives off a neat and tidy look with easy maintenance and it is ideal to install in places that no one would want to roll up and down often as it is mainly to block off heat and sunlight giving adequate comfortable work space to your fellow staffs.

      Roller blinds for office |MTM Curtains Singaporeperforated roller blinds for office | MTM Curtains in Singapore


Roller Blinds come in different materials on fabrics, PVC blackout or perforated. Colors wise needless to say, in many, many selections for all you need. Not only that, do you know we do customized the blind for you as well? For instance, printing your company logo or any corporate image you would like to print onto the roller blinds. This will be specifically customized to enhanced your corporate identity.


As for Vertical Blinds, it can be installed in meeting rooms or in the Manager’s or Boss’s room whereby they can easily control the slabs to allow monitoring work to the outside of the room area.

Vertical Blinds for Office | MTM Curtains in SIngapore

Talking about Timber Blinds, it is almost similar to the Vertical Blinds except on the material part and the horizontal slabs and vertical slabs differences. Timber Blinds not only enable air flow to circulate around the area especially helps when it is installed in the pantry or wet areas, but it also does the same as vertical blinds, providing monitor work when the slabs can be controlled easily at your convenience!

Timber Blinds (2) |MTM Curtains in SIngapore

Timber Blinds come in different materials and if you are going to fabricate it at the mention pantry or wet areas, aluminium will be best recommendable as it is lighter in weight and easier to pull for your staff’s usage however not so durable as aluminium is not so solid like PVC or Timber materials.

In fact, some of the officers required solar film or frosted film in their offices as well especially on the meeting or discussion room where you can design the glass panel in a way such that only the top part is being frosted while the bottom part people can clearly see that the room is being occupied.

Blinds Glass Panel for Offices|MTM Curtains in SIngapore


Often, Bamboo chicks are also recommendable for office balcony or back door area where it can aids blocking certain wind and rain while it is also popular in retails shop houses or staff rest area. Bamboo chicks don’t only come in the traditional brown colored but it also can be customized in Black and white colored providing a specific trendy chic image!