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Has anyone of you heard of Easy Lift And Privacy System Venetian Dual Shade Blinds? Good news here!

I believe a lot of us know what is a Venetian Roller Blinds ya? It looks like this below, in a lot different color available:

Brown Timber Blinds for window | Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains  Combination color red and purple Timber Venetian Blinds

It is built with horizontal slabs that can be adjusted to open to allow air circulations or for privacy/block out usage. Venetian Blinds comes in 3 types of materials namely Wooden, PVC or Aluminium. To understand more about blinds or Venetian blinds I suggest you can read up our previous articles but what we are introducing here is more than what you expect!

Singapore MTM Curtains are having one of this product now. Well, actually not exactly now only as it has been around for sometimes already.. Unfortunately, it was not well introduced to the public thus leaving such good news buried under wraps. Can you believe it, even some of the same trade doesn’t know about this!

So, to move on from normal Venetian Blinds, if you have it at home you will understand it is actually quite heavy and sturdy to lift it up. However, if you are using the Easy Lift and Privacy System Venetian Dual Shade Blinds- amazing works. As what its system is called by easy lift, it is so much lighter and easy to lift it up compared to the normal one Venetian blinds. It is great usage and convenience for the females and housewives when they are the ones cleaning the blinds and windows at home. Especially if you really like timber blinds in wood or PVC material but are hesitating due to the heaviness or maybe you have a huge window that requires to fabricate to big Venetian blind and it will be heavy… I really suggest you to consider Easy Lift and Privacy System Venetian Dual Shade Blinds!

On the other note, privacy system works in another way where it has a better mechanics to fit the slabs perfectly tight from top to bottom when you try to close it up. This is a good choice for people who needs to furnish the blind for tall or longer window size. If you have a Venetian blinds at home, try your best to close the slab tightly and trust me, you will not see it close exactly as it was meant to be like that. Like somehow you will still see a gap in between the slabs which it why Venetian blinds always cannot 100% block out the sunlight from coming in but if you do it with privacy Venetian system, it does help to close tighter! Cool right!? Even it is only tighter, not 100% tight but the coverage is already more than what you can expect.

Basically, as a curtain’s supplier we have the need to source for new products or new designs to serve our high demands of customers. How can all the household building the same window furnishing right? Therefore, this explains why we, MTM Curtains encounter a huge surprise on a good product to be recommended here when we are sourcing for a good deal.

Do contact our friendly consultants here if you have any doubts, check it out with us! Don’t worry, we don’t bite. =) Cheers!