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Even though Singapore is just a red dot on the world map, there is just too many curtains and blinds company in Singapore. Often we see in new BTOs,  the lifts will be pasted with a lot of advertising flyers all over such as carpentry, storage racks, interior design, plumber, house movers and of course our main subject. Out of so many flyers and stamping advertisement, For drape and blinds company is the most seen, this industry is like hot cakes in which you will see everywhere. However, if you were being asked how to select the ideal and reliable  in Singapore, what will be your answers? So this the tips Choose ideal drape singapore & blinds singapore company Part 1

Read further on our 5 main Tips to learn how making a wiser choice in selection!

Tips choosing the ideal Singapore curtains & blinds company – Part 1 

1. Your Family and Friends Recommendations

It is a good move to ask around your social circles if they have any recommendations for drape and blinds company in Singapore such as your beloved families and friends, especially when you are a low-risk taker and you would not want to expect any troubles or unhappiness that might arise from the “unknown” source of supplier. Your friends and family are the ones that will tell you frankly about the pros and cons that they encountered with their curtains &  blinds installations and you may also see the installed window furnishings in their homes or offices which you can use as a guideline to judge on the recommended workmanship as well as their satisfaction level. Of course, it doesn’t mean that other curtains or blinds company will not be as good as what your love ones have recommended you, if you are daring yet careful on the selections – you might even get the BEST  Drape Singapore & Blinds Singapore Company!

2. Their Portfolio

No matter is your family or friends recommendations, you found the  drape singapore & blinds singapore company in the internet or any other marketing activities, remember to always check on their portfolios. Portfolios, on their past works and best if it comes with pictures or testimonials to support. It will be excellent if they have done commercial projects previously too, showing that they can commit to tight schedules and have installers that are pretty experienced and skillful enough. Etc, in order not to accidentally drill a big hole that cracks all the way thru the entire ceilings! Ok, maybe i am exaggerating but who knows, right? At least you will know that they are not a newbie company that has 0 experience in this drape & blinds industry and you might find out more about their past work – installations, quality and satisfactions.

If you wish to find out more on Singapore MTM Curtain, we provide our portfolio here for your easy reference.

3. The Reliability of the company

One of the most important points here, look out or sourced from Singapore Registered Companies!

You may check thru this link for your easy reference: ACRA WEBSITE

registered curtains and blinds company in singapore

Singapore MTM Curtains are one of them and are totally reliable, made to measure we fabricate to our needs!

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This applies to all contractors out there and not only in  drape singapore & blinds singapore company. There were cases we heard from our previous customers that they encounter a very bad experience where the supplier collected the deposit and simply disappear into thin air. What we learnt was one contractor from Malaysia that did this and the other one locally, in Singapore. Well, we do not know how it was being settled but in the end this customer decided to sign on our quotation and we have completed the job with them.

Even so, reliability doesn’t only concerns about the registration in Singapore, it also implies that the company will do a good job for you to a full satisfactions, find out more about what the company provides on warranty and troubleshooting services etc which i will brief you more in the next post.

Stay tuned and catch us on the next article on number 4 and 5 tips on how to Choose ideal curtains & blinds company Part 2!