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Problems that happen in choosing curtains & Blinds

From year to year, there are a lot of curtains and blinds that are being sold in a lot of country and city in this world. There are also a lot of designs that have made by professional designers to fulfill various needs of customers and the impact is people hard in choosing curtains & Blinds for their home or other place.

To create these drapes and Blinds, one must work hard and be very careful so there won’t be any mistake in the creation process.

Below are some of the commonly encountered problems that happen in choosing curtains & Blinds:

* Buying curtain and blinds only from an appearance without considering the quality

* Choosing drape and blinds color that mismatched with the chosen theme

* The size of drape and blinds are not suitable for the rooms

To make a good design in curtains and blinds, one must have a really good concept or art or other things. Below are some important things to take note of when you design a curtain or blinds for your office, home or other place:

1. The places

Places are really important in designing a curtain or blinds because  and blinds will only look good if the atmosphere of the room they are placed in matched the curtains.

2. Product Quality

Quality of Product is one of the most important thing to watch out. Design Quality will decide whether customer will buy your product or not. Things that affect the curtains and blinds quality is the materials, durability, and the design.

3. The color

Many people thinks that color combination for curtains and blinds is not very important. This can’t be further from the truth. Color is one of the most important aspect when choosing Curtains and Blinds. Different color can exude different kinds of atmosphere in a room, so it’s very important to choose suitable curtains and blinds color that compliments the room’s theme.

4. The size

Curtains Size is the most overlooked factor in choosing curtains and blinds People cared more about color and materials when they are buying a curtain, as a result, they misjudged the curtain size and have to resort to manually change it or risk making the curtains look awkward. How big you need your curtains and blind depends on the room size also. Usually small room only need small curtains but sometimes a big curtain can be installed to make small room look elegant and minimalist.

5. Other Tips

Other than the tips stated above, we also have other useful tips for you to design your own unique Curtains and Blinds. Click on the link to see our news and tips for Curtains and Blinds.


The Difference Of Old Design Curtains With The Latest Design

The mass-production of textiles is linked to the development of machinery around 1840, which replaced time-consuming handmade items. The same machinery provided ready-made clothing to everyone and changed fashion, which was, prior to that time, reserved only for the very wealthy; everyone else wore homemade items and hand-me-downs.

Around 1850, household textiles were available to the emerging middle classes, which sought decorative help and advice from drapers, decorators and architects to marry architectural styles with window coverings. Lace curtains, which became “net” or “sheer” curtains, became staples of every home to maintain privacy as towns and houses grew increasingly dense, with homes being developed closer together in the footprints established by town planners of older cities.

For curtain architectural styles and window treatments at this point, the more elaborate and ornate, the better!

Combination red and blue sketch curtains|Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

And the latest design



Pink Curtains for Girl|Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

Design Improvement Provided By MTM Curtains For Curtains And Blinds

With this Era reformation, there are a lot of company who is selling curtains and blind in every country, especially in Singapore because all of them are looking good and a lot of design that can be chosen so be careful in choosing. Probably you will get the right one, but easily broken or maybe you got second hand that you will never know except the sellers.

Combination color Day and Night curtains|Curtains in Singapore Mtm Curtains

So hard for choosing curtains & Blinds in Singapore with interior design from us and to explore it to the curtains and blinds that we want and hard to find a company that can be trusted for a product so MTM Curtains is the right one because provide free on-site and online quotations to fit to any of your protocols and also offering a huge range of quality products that are of contemporary and classic designs, always get updated on new roller systems and new fabric samples to show our clients. The important things are not only offering quality fabrics at a competitive price, but do personalized fabrications as well as to fulfill each and every client’s desire.