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Curtains and draperies

Commonly known worldwide, being used in a lot of households giving off a homely and cozy feeling of a home to be. However, if you were to speak about decorating or beautifying windows by installing curtains in Singapore then it is a another form of knowledge and things you should learn, should know and should DO IT.

Playing with colors

two toned picture of curtains

Often, the samples or fabrics chosen was simple and plain eg, a one colored curtain, matching with day curtains which is usually commonly chosen in white. It is matching with the current popular Scandinavian theme though but what we are talking now is to make your curtains stand-out or beautifying windows, make it a highlights when someone enters your house and exclaimed: “WOW!”

There are several ways to do it. For instance, you may choose a 2-toned color fabric that makes window furnishing looks special and highlighted. You may also try to use 2 types of different fabrics in different colors and get your curtains supplier in Singapore to sew and customized it into one piece of curtains, you will be surprised at the installed results. Totally outstanding with different colors just works like 2 toned fabrics but it’s attractive to pleased anyone’s eyes.

Working with the materials for beautifying windows

Who sets the rules to use day curtains as day curtains, night curtains as night curtains. Materials are dead, but human mind is alive! Other than playing with the color themes, you may also try it on different materials!

colourful sheer curtains

You may want to consider installing sheer curtains facing the inside, unlike the commonly installed facing the outside. Start by choosing a outstanding pattern sheer curtain with embroidery designs or any other patterns that catches your eyes, while make a standard night curtains facing the outside. The pattern sheer day curtains will give you a picture of artistic and beautify your curtains design at home while people opposite your flat or from downstairs looking at your windows will see your standard smooth and flowy night curtains, uncommonly like your neighbors.

Do not be restrictive, stay BOLD & think out of the box

Being BOLD is the main key to a success. Throw away your old, lousy mind set and think out of the box.

When choosing fabrics doesn’t mean that you can only fabricate curtains. Instead, you may want to fabricate Roman Blinds to match with day curtains or you may choose day curtain materials to fabricate into blinds. We do have a customer’s whom suggested to fabricate day curtains into Austria Blinds – Austria blinds look something like a scalloping shape and we did it for him! It is nearly less than 50% you can find the same or similar blind in your friend’s home. WHY? Because, my customer is bold and creative.

Astria Blinds (2)

At Singapore MTM Curtains, we fabricate to our customer’s needs and also to provide professional advises. We gave an on-site assessment and advisers such as curtains and blinds is most suitable for you, follow by giving color theme advises and professional way of taking care on the window furnishing. Bear in mind, no matter what furnishing you are going to fabricate, the sum of money for budgeting has been already there so why not make full use of the sum of money investing in something special, like an enhanced window furnishing.