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Ever wonder what to do with that mini windows of your in the Bathrooms blind?

It is the most critical common areas where you need a blinds for full privacy and blockage as these are your private time to do the changing and personal intimacy which is sensitive to the outsiders.

3 Keys that you should know for choosing the most suitable and correct window for bathrooms

Here is where the main purpose of this post to help you in choosing the most suitable and correct window blinds with the following 3 key focus points:

1. Amount of Privacy and Blockage as the Number 1 top in the list!

It is never advisable to keep your bathrooms looking too dark thus do not select blackout materials unless you don’t really mind always switching on your electricity for lighting purposes especially for those who does makeup or reading newspaper in the washroom. Considering Venetian timber blinds, frosted films or roller blinds aids to block out privacy and try to avoid Roman blinds as roman blinds looks good with bigger window size for it’s famous and pretty multiple folds which will not be obvious in small windows. Venetian Timber Blinds can be a good choice in this point as you may adjust the slabs to allow airflow and circulation into your washing room wet areas for faster drying! Who doesn’t like to enter a dry toilet with clean and dry tiles feel. As long as privacy is fully 100% covered to block out your personal times in the washing it will be great.

2. Materials for Water Resistance & Easy Maintenance

Choosing the ideal material is fairly important compared to the privacy and blockage as you would not want to see rotten woods and spoil blinds in your bathrooms after sometime. Consider wisely on the materials to use for water resistance since washrooms is a place with high dampness and water usage where Mildew could appear on your blinds thus this should also be a important considering points. Roller Blinds, Frosted Films, can be a good choice here as they are water resistance with a ease for cleaning, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and that’s it. Simple and easy. Venetian blinds although does provide water resistance as well but it will be more bothersome to clean it slab by slab though.

3. Stylish to Beautify OR Simplicity to match your home theme

Do NOT give up your idea to create a beautifying corner for your bathrooms, if you are having difficulties, try to look for window furnishing experts to solve your problems or your interior designer who might have knowledge to help you! Personalize your blinds in your bathroom to be a part of your home theme and design as well, nowadays people commonly input carpentry cabinets, cove lights and even plants to beautify and create a cosy and beautiful place in the washrooms and you should also do it too. Personalizing is not difficult, follow our key focus points to consider and consult an experts to create what you have in mind in your style, your colors and patterns.

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Roller Blinds and Frosted Films installed in the Bathrooms:

Altez - Roller Blinds (1) Altez - Roller Blinds (2) Roller Blinds (1)

Buckley Classique - Frosted Film The Central - Frosted Film

What we advise here..

Are the 3 main Tips that are as easy as ABC’s to keep in mind and for everybody’s knowledge!

We trust that everyone deserves a better place, a better standard of living with a better consultants like us!

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